Nathaniel Rateliff Playlist

September 29, 2015
Nathaniel Rateliff Playlist

Nathaniel Rateliff Playlist

I don’t mean to diminish Nathaniel Rateliff’s talent (which is huge), but this dude has full on hipster cred: pork pie hat, tattoos, bushy beard and a tambourine with a bird on it!  He pays homage to musical influences like Sam Cooke, Van Morrison, Mumford and Ben Folds as he evolves from folkie to the vocal equivalent of barroom brawler.  There’s a little bit of soul, some R&B, a hint of gospel, a pinch of blues, and plenty of balls out rock n roll.  The track “S.O.B.” is sure to become the anthem of freshman fratboys everywhere, as long as they don’t pay attention to the heartbreaking lyrics.

Crank it.  And don’t spill your beer as you dance around like a maniac.  That is all.

Now read part two of my rant about teaching kids to cook and eat their vegetables, and make some pork carnitas

Photo credit: Nathaniel Rateliff @ Red Rocks 9.6.15-64, by Nicole Kibert, is licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, cropped.


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