Joni Mitchell Playlist

June 25, 2016

Joni Mitchell Playlist

There are songs I hear on the radio these days that I like very much, and that I may have heard many times, but I just don’t know the words to those songs.  I have no idea why my brain is wired to remember the lyrics to songs from my youth but, in my dotage, I cannot understand (never mind remember) the lyrics to a song from last week.  I love to sing along to the radio when I’m driving.  Is there any better joy than heading up north for a summer long weekend, with the windows rolled down and the volume cranked up, singing loudly along with a favourite tune?  I know every word, hum, breath and sigh from Joni Mitchell’s album Blue.  To this day, one of the best albums of all time, in my humble opinion.

I love that Joni is wearing her Order of Canada, but I particularly love that Joni is smoking in this photo.  I think it means that she and I would have lovely time smoking and drinking a sidecar cocktail.  I hope she would agree with my rant about Caveman Diet Evangelism.  Except that cavemen didn’t have cocktails or cigarettes.  Sounds like a stupid diet.

Photo credit: Icons, by slagheap, is licensed by CC BY 2.0, cropped.

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