Sarah Harmer Playlist

November 12, 2015
Sarah Harmer Playlist

Sarah Harmer Playlist

Harmer’s tremulous, old-timey voice is perfectly suited for these iconic tunes from the American songbook.  Notwithstanding dozens if not hundreds of interpretations of these standards by dozens if not hundreds of singers over the decades, these songs are so great they stand up to so many different interpretations.  The album was recorded in a home studio, lending a basement tapes authenticity.  And I love the backstory: the selected tunes are the favourites of her titular father, Clem.  I mean, Clem!  Could it be more perfect?

Now read my rant The Customer is Always Right and make my recipe for lemon cheesecake…

Photo credit: Rock the Line, by Environmental Defence Canada, is licensed by CC BY-NC 2.0, cropped.

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