Tim Moxam Playlist

May 31, 2016

Tim Moxam Playlist

It’s not quite June and suddenly face-meltingly screaming hot.  And it came on so abruptly!  One weekend it was snow flurries and the next weekend the trees erupted in leaf and bloom, and everything was fresh and sweat and perfume.  Not that I’m complaining; I never shut up about being cold so it would be bad karma to grumble about the heat.  I  imagine that Tim Moxam has been toiling in arctic-like obscurity for a while now and, suddenly, he’s hot hot HOT too.  He is the CBC’s new golden boy.  Funny that Moxam’s breakthrough is an album called “Soft Summer”.  I just love the breezy, countrified Cat Stevens vibe of Moxam’s music.  I’ll be seeing Moxam in concert at the Dakota in a couple of weeks, but I expect this will be his last small venue before his career erupts in leaf and bloom too.

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