Benjamin Clementine Playlist

March 3, 2016
Benjamin Clementine Playlist

Benjamin Clementine Playlist

I don’t remember how I stumbled across the music of Benjamin Clementine, but this album is absolutely stunning – I’ve been listening to it every other day or so for over a month.  The comparison to Nina Simone is obvious, but there are also hints of Leonard Cohen, Charlie Winston and Chilly Gonzales, maybe even Jacques Brel (I can almost picture listening to Clementine in a smoky, Parisian nightclub).  I love a produced sound as much as the next person, but Clementine’s music is so stripped out and raw that it’s just painfully beautiful.  There is power and poetry here, and the stylistic flaws of Clemetine’s vocal performance are like an auditory punch in the gut.

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Photo credit: Benjamin Clementine_0425_Nicolas Joubard, by Rencontres Trans Musicales, is licensed by CC BY-NC 2.0, cropped.

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